A powerful,
fully integrated system.

AssetFinda integrates seamlessly and securely with all major GIS, finance, accounting, document management and CRM systems. Its centralised SQL database offers a single point of truth for your organisation, giving you precise accuracy and data integrity.

All asset data is live and in-sync for all users and from all applications. Every asset component within the database can be linked to a mapped object, so that you can manage your assets from a desktop, mobile device or web mapping interface.

It starts with fast implementation.

We know it's imperative that your up and running fast. While other systems have complex set-up configurations that can take months or years, AssetFinda is usually implemented within just two weeks.

Our expert implementation team will manage the entire process. We’ll ensure data migration is seamless, and that installation on-site will have minimal disruption to your organisation.

AssetFinda is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. We’ll provide full training so that your team will be empowered to be completely operational by go-live.

Choose between local or cloud-based hosting.

We offer local or cloud-based hosting solutions. Both options offer your authorised staff and contractors secure access via the Internet, Intranet or mobile interfaces.

Wherever your people are located, they’ll have instant and up-to-date access to the data they need.

AssetFinda brings your team together, enhancing communication and collaboration.

Become a part of our community

We’re always available to help with any queries or support issues post-implementation. AssetFinda is proud to have an active use community. Our members share ideas and feedback that helps inform future product development.

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