What You Should Know About Cloud Based Technologies

If you’ve been wondering what “the cloud” is and when it’s going to make its appearance on the horizon, then we’ve got news for you, it’s here! But what is it all about? 

Well, at its most basic, the cloud is a network of servers. Some provide an online service, while others allow you to store and access data. There have been some concerns about cloud computing over the years, most of them related to the safety and security of data, but as companies saw millions of private individuals storing their information in the cloud, more and more started to make the move themselves. 

So, why should you move to the cloud?

Here are some core benefits of the cloud:


As hardware continues to become more and more expensive, while at the same time becoming almost obsolete overnight, many companies are moving to the cloud because it makes it possible to scale up or down almost immediately, meaning they only pay for what they need at any given time. Gone are the days of people running programmes from software that they’ve downloaded onto a physical computer. Now people can access the applications they need on the cloud. Not only is this highly cost effective, but it also supports rapid operational and strategic change.  

Increased efficiency

Rather than having to wait weeks or months for computer resources and services to be deployed, cloud computing makes things like additional storage capacity or new applications and programmes available in a matter of minutes.  

Increased productivity

Less operational issues and more efficient projects allow employees to spend time on more productive tasks that may be of greater value to your business. While your particular resources may vary, there’s no doubt that people are an organisations biggest asset and by freeing up your staff’s time to focus on more important matters at hand, it means you’ll be better able to make use of this asset.  

Business agility

Tying in to the points above, having the ability to scale your computer resources up or down when you need them reduces time-to-market, which in turn significantly reduces the overall cost of projects. Being able to deliver results faster and more affordably with the same (if not better) quality is bound to give your business a competitive edge. 

In fact, it is this agility that is the most popular reason why large companies are moving to the cloud. Cloud-based applications allow companies to roll out solutions in a matter of days, across multiple sites, without having to order new hardware or take IT resources away from other projects.  

Less operational issues

Making use of standardised services significantly reduces the risk of issues and defects. This ensures the smooth running of the business operations, while the reduced risk of downtime improves continuity, and allows teams to focus on more important tasks. Knowing that you can achieve the same result every time, through the use of standardised services or applications allows organisations to predict the outcome of projects.  

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