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Finda way to stay one step ahead.

AssetFinda performs critical financial reporting and forecasting with ease. Our accounting technology is designed to ensure you’re fully compliant with legislation, and completely prepared for the future.

Access a comprehensive range of financial reports, including valuations and operational costs. Run asset valuations based on current purchase/historical costs and condition and performance parameters. Automatically track and report all asset additions and disposals, and quickly calculate funding for depreciation for every asset

All these functions are built in, saving you valuable time and reducing your reliance on external accounting consultants.

Finda way to solve problems before they happen.

When it comes to optimal asset management, insight is everything. Our technology gives you visual insight that will maximise the lifespan of your assets.

AssetFinda’s Maintenance History automatically tracks and records all maintenance events across every asset class. This data is mapped visually so you can identify previously unknown correlations between different asset classes. See where you’re spending the most money and effort on maintenance.

Easily analyse the condition and performance information of an asset so you can make a better decision about whether to repair or replace it. Make accurate forecasts on lifespan, budgets and resources using historical data.

Finda way to maximise the lifespan of every asset.

Knowing the optimum time to replace or repair an asset is extremely challenging. If maintenance or replacement is performed prematurely, time and money is wasted, and valuable resources are taken away from other areas.

With AssetFinda, unnecessary asset maintenance and replacement is eliminated. Our reporting functionality prioritises asset replacements based on age and condition. Easily generate short and long-term capital works and replacement programs so you can maximise the asset’s lifespan. Our what-if scenarios enable you to optimise your budgets and focus your resources in the most efficient way.

Finda way to enhance efficiency.

Governments and organisations are under increasing pressure to maximise the efficiency of their limited resources. AssetFinda’s Scheduled Maintenance allows you to plan the most efficient and cost-effective way to perform scheduled or reactive maintenance.

All tasks can be programmed for every asset, and the assigned work crews, timings and costs will be automatically tracked. With our advanced GIS interface, you can visually see where all maintenance is happening across all asset classes. Trends that may affect the asset’s lifespan will be instantly visible.

You can also track planned versus actual costs and time frames, and a checklist is provided of items to be completed before closing the maintenance event. Importantly, you can plan and deploy work crews to reduce travel time and wasteful cross over.

Finda way to empower your teams.

Perform asset inspections in the field with the AssetFinda smart device App. Your crews can collect data, upload notes and attach photos in-situ with their smart phone or tablet. Faults are all geo-referenced so crews can receive immediate advice on what to do, when and where.

Everything is captured in real-time, allowing on-site and office-based work teams to collaborate effectively and share information instantly. You can customise inspections for each asset class and generate KPIs including task costs. Use our unique mapping interface to optimise inspection routes and resources planning.

Finda way to save time.

AssetFinda offers a truly integrated mobile platform, with no need for third-party add-ons. Our mobility solutions give your field crews unprecedented live access to data over 3G, 4G or WiFi networks. The AssetFinda App allows authorised users to view assets through inbuilt GIS interfaces. They can add to or edit the comprehensive asset inventory easily and process work requests in real time.

With no delays, users can conduct asset inspections, link media to assets, and track maintenance against assets. All data can be analysed spatially and in-situ, enhancing team collaboration. Users can switch between online and offline modes in rural areas.

Finda way to work smarter.

With AssetFinda, all work requests are automatically linked to the appropriate asset with complete cost tracking to allow for full life cycle cost reporting.

Intelligent workflows include end-to-end work order processing. The AssetFinda App instantly sends work requests to the appropriate work crew, and activities are tracked in real-time. Communication between office-based and field teams is improved, and reports on KPIs can be generated instantly.

Finda way to connect seemlessly.

AssetFinda operates with secure web services. Our experienced integration team can deliver a turnkey integration process. They will seamlessly connect your existing CRM’s and systems to simplify your asset management processes. Your teams can share data in real-time.