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AssetFinda provides asset management solutions for any and every asset

Government, Utilities, Roads, Storm Water, Buildings and Factories, Ports, Mining, Parks, Meters, Transport, Rail and bus, Electrical, Equipment, Refuse and many more.

No matter how complex or large-scale your asset portfolio, AssetFinda lets you make smarter decisions. From local council BBQ’s and public paths, through to airports, marine infrastructure and major road networks, AssetFinda offers intuitive solutions.

Other asset management products rely on spreadsheets, software add-ons and manual processes. With AssetFinda, you can view and manage your entire asset network with no need to switch between systems.



We value community.

  • Asset Management for local governments is a critical resource knowledge tool to keep the communities in which they service living the lives they are accustomed to from an infrastructure support basis.
  • Service utilities, transport infrastructure including government, rail and bus lines, utilities, transport, ports, parks, pools, libraries, car parks, buildings and factories, mining, storm water, IT platforms and so much more all require rigid asset performance assessment.
  • Essentially, there are three key goals to achieve for Councils:
    - Keeping the infrastructure in as good or better condition than it is now.
    - Develop and implement a logical capital improvement plan.
    - Contain the costs of planning, building, operating, and maintaining public facilities so more can be done from the same funding source.
  • With such a diverse range of assets to manage, Asset Finda provides a tailored government system that can encapsulate all asset classes broken down into specific business unit needs to plan for the present and predict future demands - also with the capacity to merge multiple information and data units for a holistic ‘all of council’ review.


Take charge of your assets.

  • Electricity, water, sewerage and gas supply all require the pinnacle of asset management processes to extract consistent operational excellence inkeeping the economic and social wheels turning for society.
  • Downtime is not an option, nor inefficiencies in inputs to perform and outputs to deliver.
  • This customer demand for high reliability, coupled with stringent safety and regulatory requirements in a deregulated and increasingly competitive global market, means you need reliable planning and information tools to make 360 degree considered decisions.
  • We know that energy and utility companies are asset intensive and highly dependent on multiple assets to deliver services to customers and profits to the bottom line.
  • Using one system for all work and asset management can help deliver more productive workers, more reliable assets, compulsory regulatory compliance, IT efficiency and across the board cost savings.
  • Asset Finda gives you a sophisticated, enterprise-wide asset management platform that makes it possible to manage diverse and widely dispersed utility-based assets, maximising their value investment while boosting your competitive advantage.


Driven to take the high road.

  • Roads of all scales including highways, bridges and tunnels are the critical pathways that drive our society’s connectivity.
  • There’s barely a single commercial or social interaction that isn’t impacted by their non-stop use.
  • Their maintenance, preservation and replacement are all crucialfactors to manage in order to keep both business and leisure moving efficiently and safely in our highly productiveworld of today.
  • With Asset Finda, we give you integrated, real-time diagnostic software to accurately manage and forecast the needs of all forms of road assets, from current condition analysis to maintenance and lifecycle scheduling and costing.


Moving mountains to manage assets.

  • Transportation asset management entails a strategic and systematic process of operating, maintaining, upgrading and expanding physical transport assets effectively throughout their lifecycle.
  • It focuses on both business and engineering practices for resource allocation and utilisation, with the objective of applying better decision-making processes based upon quality information and data aligned to well-defined transportation objectives.
  • Transportation companies have a myriad of assets to manage from performance and safety measures including fleet and maintenance facilities, warehousing infrastructure, technical resources, industrial buildings and administration offices.
  • Asset Finda offers you a fully integrated system that bundles all of your operational and reporting needs into one user-friendly, mobile interface that delivers real-time information and data to help you make informed decisions for current and future transport asset requirements.


Keep it on track.

  • Global rail systemsare becoming increasingly complex networks of public and private use, with growth in rail infrastructure experiencing a steep upward trajectory.
  • With the integration of traditional technology with the new, never has it been more important to incorporate proactive and preventative asset management plans for robust rail maintenance.
  • Across the board rail management scheduling is imperative to ensure consistent asset optimisation, operating and cost efficiencies, life cycle extension and performance safety.
  • Put simply, operators want to make sure they can accelerate capacity, availability and reliability to get the maximum value out of rail assets.
  • Asset Finda can show you exactly how with detailed modeling software that automates and integratesrail asset audits, assets’ performance status and associated current and future expenditure needs -all at the touch of a button.


Sea the big picture.

  • Ports are at the centre of the global trade industry and facing ever-increasing pressure due to the international expansion of import and export markets.
  • Managing this demand is a paramount maritime measure in order to keep trade routes flowing and the associated industries in profitable business cycles.
  • A pressing need is now present to precisely manage and maintain port infrastructure, superstructure, equipment and utilities, to ensure they’re in the best possible condition to successfully handle the challenging needs of ports’ operational resourcing and delivery expectations.
  • Asset Finda gives you a next-generation system offering mobile maritime-focused management, maintenance, life cycle and resource reporting functions, with associated expenditure features available for real-time asset valuations.


Reach new heights in performance.

  • The planned and proactive asset management of airport infrastructure not only optimises the life of vital operating facilities, it’s also a source of competitive advantage when implemented with key stakeholder integration and planning integrity.
  • In the aviation world where safety is of the utmost importance, a dedicated industry asset and infrastructure management plan is vital to evaluate assets and asset systems’ performance and risk over their lifecycle.
  • By integrating financial information and technical data, management at all levels can safely make calculated and truly informed decisions for optimal airport performance.
  • Asset Finda provides you with holistic airport guidance software that drives more for less out of airport assets by accurately diagnosing current and future maintenance and capital investment needs, all while identifying riskfactors and change management needs for regulatory and commercial deviations.

Buildings and Factories

Premium performanceunder one roof.

  • An effective asset management plan for buildings and factories effectively identifies short and long-term needs to best sustain the structure while supporting its required performance.
  • Ordinarily classed as long-term assets housing shorter-term ones, buildings and factories require an all-encompassing control structure to forecast potential issues and risks, while increasing capabilities of existing assets through their effective use and maintenance.
  • With Asset Finda, our helicopter approach to building and factory asset management gives a 3D, top-down approach to the various asset levels that make up the entire asset structure.
  • We help you identify operational, maintenance, renewal and upgrade requirements and apply rigid economic analysis and scheduling to establish the most cost effective works programs for your productive asset.


Keep digging for smarter solutions.

  • ‘Smart’ mining companies look past tomorrow and spendtime and resources onoptimising the performance of their current assets so their plant and equipment reliably and safely deliver the business objectives consistently for the life of the mining operation.
  • Knowing exactly what and where your mining assets are at in their life cycle allows you to maximise their output and plan for seamless change management in their operational fatigue and decline supporting consistent productivity and output.
  • With so much mining equipment living a rigorous life, the balance between asset utlisation and asset care needs to bestruck perfectly in order to capitalise on short term performance opportunities and long term sustainability - all while managing capital investment needs in accordance with ‘asset life’ operating costs.
  • Our integrated mobile data technology solutions are perfect for in field mining asset managementcovering automatedmaintenance scheduling, reporting functions and budget monitoringfor centralised asset control at a relatively small comparative operating cost.

Storm Water

A system that flows.

  • Effective management of storm water inundation is a key environmental risk consideration for both state governments and local councils.
  • Mismanagement is not an option considering the high stakes involved including community flooding, residential and commercial property damage, loss of income, environmental devastation and human health risks.
  • When and were to allocate storm water asset expenditure, including capital investment and resources, is a fine balance when trying to accurately predict what is an unpredictable force of nature.
  • Asset Finda is your total risk management partner, giving you a digital management portal to prioritise the delicate mix of storm water assets and expenditure at the optimum time and location.
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