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    Intelligent asset management technology

The world’s population is increasing by over 80 million people each year

Our world-leading technology is specifically designed to optimise the life cycle of assets, so your community can move forward with confidence.

How can governments and organisations optimise existing infrastructure while planning what assets will be needed in the future?

In today’s environment, achieving the perfect balance seems like an impossible task.

With AssetFinda, you can see the future with precision.

AssetFinda offers a revolutionary solution to asset management. Our enterprise asset management system with innovative GIS technology lets you see the future with precision.

Comprehensive Accounting

Access a comprehensive range of financial reports, including valuations and operational costs.

Scheduled Maintenance

Allows you to plan the most efficient and cost-effective way to perform scheduled or reactive maintenance.

Mobile Application

Our mobility solutions give your field crews unprecedented live access to data over 3G, 4G or WiFi networks.


Seamlessly connect your existing CRM’s and systems to simplify your asset management processes.

Maintenance History

When it comes to optimal asset management, insight is everything. Our technology gives you visual insight that will maximise the lifespan of your assets.

Predictive Modelling

Our reporting functionality prioritises asset replacements based on age and condition.

Asset Inspections & Defects

Everything is captured in real-time, allowing on-site and office-based work teams to collaborate effectively and share information instantly.

CRMS/Work Requests

Instantly send work requests to the appropriate work crew, and activities are tracked in real-time.

Key Features

AssetFinda offers a complete solution with everything you need.

Cloud Hosted Solution.

Choose between local or cloud-based hosting solutions. Both options offer your authorised staff and contractors secure access via the Internet, Intranet or mobile interfaces. 

Unique mapping technology.

There’s no other product on the market that has this level of GIS integration. AssetFinda gives you real-time visibility of your entire asset network, revealing vital trends, patterns and correlations that can save you time and money.

Make your team more mobile.

Complete and integrated mobile application means your entire team is empowered to collaborate in real time. Take your data in the field, switch between online and offline modes, and immediately generate, share and perform work requests.

Intelligent integration.

AssetFinda integrates seamlessly and securely with all major GIS, finance, accounting, document management and CRM systems. Your organisation benefits from precise accuracy in one single location.

Intuitive interfaces.

We believe that the user experience is paramount. All AssetFinda interfaces are incredibly intuitive and easily navigated, freeing your team to perform quickly and accurately with minimal effort.